Take note:
This menu is an item and price benchmark and change from time to time.


Breakfast (Available until 11h00)

Recommended drinks: JC le Roux Le Domaine, Graca  

Tjailatyd Breakfast R 47.50

(2 Bacon rashers, 2 eggs, cheese griller, toast)


Farmers breakfast R 59.00
(Beef patty, boerewors, eggs, toast & chips)  


Burgers (150g Pure beef patty) - Served with Chips


Recommended drinks: Graca, Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc, Nederburg Baronne, Grunberger


Plain burger R 53.00
Cheese burger (Sliced cheese) R 57.00

Cheddamelt or Pepper sauce burger R 67.00

Hawaiian burger R 60.00

Chicken burger (Crumbed chickenbreast fillet) R 60.00

Rib Burger R 69.00

Bacon, Egg & Cheese burger R 73.00

Double Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burger R 89.00

(2 Patties, 2 eggs, 4 rashers bacon and 2 slices cheese)




Toasted Sandwiches - Served with a nibble of chips

Recommended drinks: Graca White, Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc  
Cheese R 35.00

Cheese & Tomato R 39.00

Chicken mayo R 45.00

Ham, cheese & tomato R 45.00

Bacon, egg & cheese R 46.00

Salami, cheese & chutney

R 46.00




Recommended drinks: Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc,  

Cheesy garlic snails R 57.00

Chicken livers (With bread) R 49.00

(250g Chicken livers with green peppers & sweet chilli sauce)



Spring rolls

R 35.00
(6 Springrolls & sweet chilli sauce)  


Crumbed mushrooms

R 35.00
(6 Mushrooms & tartar sauce)  





Recommended drinks: Graca Rose, Nederburg Stein


Greek salad R 59.00

Chicken salad R 72.00

(Greek salad with tender deep fried chicken strips)


Beefstrip salad R 85.00

Bacon salad R 69.00




Hake R 69.00

(Chips & vegs or side salad)
Recommended drinks: Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc


Calamari & Chips R 59.00

Recommended drinks: Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc


Hake & Calamari combo R 89.00

Recommended drinks: Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc




Recommended drinks: Grunberger Freudenlese, Nederburg Stein, Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc



Chicken Schnitzel

R 79.00
(With veg, chips & cheese sauce)  

Cajun Chickenstrips & Chips R 75.00

(250g Chicken strips with Cajun spice & Chips)





Recommended drinks: Nederburg Baronne, Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc, Nederburg Stein  

Combo Basket R 79.00

(Resolse, cheese grillers, meatballs, samoosas, chicken strips & prawn tails)


Russian & Chips R 39.00

Large Chips R 35.00

Small Chips R 19.00



Grill - Served with veg & chips or rice


500g T bone R 135.00

Recommended drink: Nederburg Baronne


300g Rump R 105.00

Recommended drink: Chateau Libertas


400g Spare rib R 99.00

Recommended drink: Nederburg Pinotage


Lamb chops (300g) R 110.00

Recommended drink: Nederburg Cabernet



Pork chops

R 89.00
(2 Chops crumbed & deep fried)  

Recommended drinks: Nederburg Cabernet, Nederburg Chardonnay, Nederburg Stein



Surf & Turf

R 95.00
(200g Steak & Calamari)  

Recommended drinks: Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc, Nederburg Cabernet, Nederburg Chardonnay, Nederburg Stein



Mix Grill

R 159.00
(Cheesegriller, Lambchop, Patty, Steak, Egg & Chips)  

Recommended drinks: Nederburg Cabernet, Nederburg Chardonnay, Nederburg Stein



Mushroom, Cheese, Pepper, Garlic, Monkey gland, Cheddarmelt  R 15.00 each



Recommended drink: Amarula


Ice cream (Chocolate sauce) R 35.00

Malva Pudding (With custard or ice cream) R 35.00

Waffle (Cream or ice cream) R35.00

Dom Pedro (Kahlua or Amarula) R 34.00

Irish Coffee (Bells or JB) R 32.00

Irish Coffee    (Jameson or Bains) R 42.00


Kiddies Menu  
Cheese Griller & Chips R 39.00

Chicken Nuggets & Chips R 39.00

Fish Finger & Chips R 39.00


Pizza - Pizzas are 28cm (Time +/- 30min)  

Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc, 4th Street White, 4th Street Rose


Hawaiian R 79.00
(Pineapple & Ham)  

Regina R 79.00
(Ham & mushroom)  

Salami R 85.00
(Salami & mushroom)  


Four Season

R 89.00
(Salami, mushroom, feta, olives & garlic)  

Rib R 95.00
(Ribs, onion, mushroom & BBQ sauce)  


Thai chicken

R 95.00
(Chicken, mushroom, garlic, onion, & sweet chilli sauce)  

Vegetarian R 79.00
(Green pepper, mushroom, pineapple & olives)  

Tjailatyd R 99.00
(Bacon, cheese griller, garlic, mushroom & green pepper)  

Extra items on Pizza Up to R20.00 per item

Terms and conditions apply.

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